2000L Brewhouse System 

Short Description:

. Double/single stage wort cooling

. High efficiency and detachable plate heat ex-changer

. Agitator/raker motors, variable frequency drives optional

. V-type milling sieve plate/false bottom

. Stainless steel integrated work platform

. Sanitary and efficiency pumps

. High accuracy temperature sensor.

. Inline glass sight glass optional (optional)

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2000L Brewhouse System 

Mash tun, lauter tank, boiling kettle, whirlpool tank in various combination

Popular combination for reference

3-vessel: Mash tun-lauter tank-kettle/whirlpool tank or  Mash/lauter tank-kettle-whirlpool tank With HLT optional 

4-vessel: Mash tun-lauter tank- kettle-whirlpool tank With HLT optional 

.Double/single stage wort cooling  

.High efficiency and detachable plate heat ex-changer

.Agitator/raker motors, variable frequency drives optional  

.V-type milling sieve plate/false bottom

.Stainless steel integrated work platform

.Sanitary and efficiency pumps

.High accuracy temperature sensor.

.Inline glass sight glass optional (optional)

.Flow meter optional (optional)

.Wort collecting pipe (optional)

.Centralized hard-piped manifold (optional)

.Separate brewhouse control (optional)


2000L or 4000L Fermentation System 

.Uni-tanks/conical fermenters: 

.Stainless steel conical cylindrical fermenter tanks

.2000L or 4000L, flexiable collocation 

.25% head space at minimum

.Water pressure release valve

.Safety valve (pressure relief&vacuum relief)

.Sanitary Perlick sampling valve  

.Rotating racking arm 

.High accuracy temperature sensor

.Dry hops adding optional

.Manhole, valves, pressure& temperature control, fittings included 


2000L or 4000L BBTs optional

Stainless steel BBTs/serving tanks for beer maturation

Dish bottom inside

2000L or 4000L, flexible collocation 

15% head space at minimum

Pressure&vacuum relief

Sanitary sampling valve  

High accuracy temperature sensor

Carbonation device 

Liquid level optional 

Extra CO2 blow-off arm optional 


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