Installations & Countries

During the past 20+ years, we have sold over 500+ brewery to more than 30 countries.

In domestic market, we are mainly supply the beer brewing equipment to some universities and some commercial brewery, restaurant and hotel. 

Regarding to foreign market, we mainly sold by some trade companies at start, along with the increasing orders, we build our own international trade department and have over 10 years exportation experiences. As you know, the countries with big demand of beer all have our installed brewery equipment. Like the country of Russian Federation, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Georgia, Spain, France, Kenya, Ethiopia, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Australia, India, Thailand, Korea etc. 

CGBREW-1000L Brewhouse
CGBREW-2000L Fermentation tanks 2
CGBREW-1000L Brewhouse 2
CGBREW-2000L Fermentation tanks