500L Beer Brewing Equipment

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As our years experience to help our customers to build their dreamed brewery, launch a brewery with a compact system that has the features of a larger brewery–300L~500L should be a perfect choice for your startup business of the craft beer brewery. And as you growing and planning to increase the production to a higher goal, the previous system now becomes to a brew lab for testing new recipes or brewing small batch seasonal specialties.

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Control system

Electricity control cabinet with digital display meters or PLC touch screen.

Separate the control of brewhouse system and fermentation system, high up the level of the brewing automated, or make some special design full of your company features etc. We will discuss with you about the function you would like to realize during the brewing process and your personal idea of the brewery to show up your passion, and then we will be aware how to do for you to make it true.

CIP system

Disinfection tank + Alkali tank(with electrical heating elements and insulation layer) with pump on moveable trolley, individual control box for the CIP system. 


As the manufacturer of the brewery equipment, we totally know the material and craftsmanship we devoted into. Our customers know the quality of our tanks as well and we have confidence with a 5-year material and workmanship warranty on the equipment we build. After sales Supporting is our point as well, we would love to see our customers happy face after they cooked the great beer with our equipment. 

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