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300L Microbrewery Project in Chile with 6 pcs of Stainless Steel Fermenters

Customer from Chile visited our company CGBREW to buy microbrewery equipment in March this year. After visiting our factory and discussing all details about the equipment and service, they are satisfied with everything and decided to sign the contract in our office.


To start the craft beer business with a microbrewery, they choose to buy a set of 300L microbrewery equipment firstly. This set of microbrewery equipment with complete micro brewing systems, such as brewhouse system, fermenting system, chilling system, cleaning system and control system, and the brewhouse system, they choose red copper plate for decoration which looks luxury. We would like to show photos of production in our factory as below.


After about one month’s production and one and a half month’s delivery by sea, recently they finally received the cargo smoothly. Our customer and friend Carlos feels very excited to receive the cargo and he believe they will be very success on the new business! We look forward to their new microbrewery open soon!


If you are also interested in the beer brewery equipment, please make sure to not miss us—one professional manufacturer of microbrewery equipment with 24 years’ experience!


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