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Germany general manager went to AC

Number of visits: Date:2015-11-20 10:02

10-12 November 2015, general manager of Mr. Jinan German beer equipment limited liability company Professor Li Mengyu German beer Technology Center of Shandong Qilu University of Technology Zhouguang Tian, Cuiyun ago, Ray and Dong Song Yang attended the four held in Nuremberg, Germany BrauBeviale Europe international brewing and beverage technology and equipment exhibition, the organizing committee and shall be invited to attend the "European beer Star" awards dinner.

Brau Beviale exhibition began in 1978, is Europe's largest and most professional exhibition alcoholic beverage industry, has now become a feature of the exhibition industry has an important influence, as well as an important platform for exhibitors to explore and exchange bond market, the exhibition attracted 1300 manufacturers and more than more than 32,000 professional visitors, communication, negotiation and trade. Exhibition covers the production of alcohol / beverage raw materials, equipment, technology, packaging, testing, marketing aspects, including engineering consulting, technical support, consulting services and other software content.

"European Beer Star" in April of each year beginning enrollment, August deadline, October beer experts and connoisseurs blind tasting began in November beer lovers can choose their favorite beer. The results of the tasting criteria based on sight, smell and taste a variety of different types of beer have different criteria to evaluate depending on color, bubble, clarity, force to kill the mouth, malt and hop aroma and the like. According to criteria for each type of beer will be selected from gold, silver and bronze medal, and won a gold medal from the beer, the beer lovers blind selected "most consumers satisfied with the beer." 2015 "European Beer Star" is the 12th, a total of 45 countries and regions in 1957 kinds of beer competition, the participating record highs, the annual growth rate of 21%.

After the exhibition, general manager of Mr. Jinan Zhongde Equipment Co., Ltd. Li Meng and German beer Technology Center team visited Germany Du Clemens (Doemens) Institute of beer in the world renowned beer sessions, visit the World Professional specialty malt factory Wan Yurman (Weyermann), the famous German top fermented wheat beer factory Ettinger (Erdinger) and love Inge (Ayinger) and the World bottom fermentation beer factory original source (Pilsner Urquell).

Through this visit to Germany, Jinan German beer equipment limited liability company and German beer Technology Center team further taste of Germany, a long and classic Czech beer culture, informed of progress in the world of beer equipment new technology, insight into the different brewing techniques the trick, the general feeling of benefit for the future of manufacturing equipment, experimental production, technical advice, training, and social services to provide the letter will be a great promotion and raise.

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