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General Manger of CGBREW Took Part in WBC 2016

Number of visits: Date:2016-8-26 16:50

The World Brewing Conference (WBC for short) was holding in Denver USA from August 13-17. This Congress is unparalleled grand gathering of beer industrial all over the world. And it is held every 4 years. General Manager of CGBREW company Mr. Li went to take part in this congress together with Doctor Cui from CG beer technology center of Qilu University of Technology.

Mr. Li Listened attentively to most reports, after that he communicated with many international representatives from different industries and gained a lot.

Except CGBREW company, Chinese delegation also include Qilu University of technology, Chinese food fermenting industrial research institute, Tsingtao Beer Group, Jiangnan University and Qingdao Yashide Trading Company.

During the period of WBC 2016, Mr. Li visited 4 craft beer breweries in St Diego, including Rock Bottom, Ballast Point, Stone, Green Flash, and also visited Big brewery Coors in Denver. Mr. Li and other representatives tasted dozens of different craft beers in USA, appreciating their creativeness, freedom and specialty of flavor.


They visited some famous brewery in USA, communicating and learning. 


Mr. Li recognized a meeting in our company after he came back from the visiting in USA to transmitting the essence of experience in USA. And we believe our production and sales service will make a further progress under the leadership of our general manager!

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